New Holywood Podcast Episode With ‘Break Every Chain’ Director Tim Searfoss

By: Christi Given

The film, “Break Every Chain,” is a Christian film based on the true story of Jonathan Hickory, the author of the book with the same title. The movie will be available on Amazon and other platforms via digital distrubution coming this November 2021. Go to the official website: for more information.

Recently, I had the honor and the priviledge of interviewing the director of the movie, Tim Searfoss on our “Building Holywood: In Media, Music and Technology,” podcast. The show is available on Spotify, Anchor FM and now you are able to watch the interview via Zoom and it is on my Youtube channel as well!

The film based on Hickory’s Life and Book

I was able to attend the world wide premiere of the film, which was an honor. I got to meet the cast and crew of the film, which was so wonderful and an amazing experience. Most of the main cast and crew were there including author Jonathan Hickory, the director Tim Searfoss, the lead actors: Dean Cain, Ignacyo Matynia, Sterling Morse Jr. and more. There were also some of the other screen writers who co-wrote the script as well. The film was produced and was released in partnership with JC Films, a Christian production company.

The film is inspired by Jonathan E. Hickory’s TRUE STORY.


Here are some of the photos from the World Wide Movie Premiere of “BREAK EVERY CHAIN,” the feature film.

Founder Christi Given of Holywood Network with the Cast & Team of the Film BREAK EVERY CHAIN

Q & A at the World Premiere of the Movie BEC

Actor Dean Cain Presenting at the Premiere of the Film
Christi Given Host of the Podcast (Left), Director Tim Searfoss (Right)
Group Photo: The Premiere of BEC
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Comment below if you would like to see this film in theaters, and request it in your local hometown. Also, if you would like your church to host an event or would like to show the film as a screener, go to the official BEC website and find out more information.

Official Website:

Socials: @breakeverychainmovie





Thank you for tuning in and for your support. Stay tuned for more insightful podcasts about new films, music, media and events. Find us on social media, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel:

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