Welcome to the spot where you can find out the LATEST in Christian music news, find out what is happening with the latest Christian films, hear about new ministries, and find out what God is doing  in the realm of media. Journalist, musician and TV host Christi Given initiated the site, to help spread the “good news” and also the latest in Hollywood, or also nicknamed “Holy-wood.” (www.christigiven.com)



Christi Given is a musician, TV host and radio host. She has been seen on TBN, JCTV (now JUCE TV). www.jucetv.com 

Given has been interviewed on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” in 2013 sharing her story and testimony. She developed 3 shows for JCTV, now JUCE TV for their Youtube Channel. (www.itbn.org) 

Christi Given’s first show was called, “Christi’s Corner,” about the latest in Christian music and ministry news. Then she created a show called, “The JUCE MUSIC INSIDER,” similar to an “E News” show or TRL type of show about music news.

Click here to watch JUCE MUSIC INSIDER https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P3ovIpKKTZk

Finally, Given developed her talk show, “The Power Source,” where she interviewed evangelist David Diga Hernandez, Music legend Pat Boone, evangelist and Hollywood minister from Africa Gershom Sikaala, and more.



Her next development was after the birthing of Holywood Network to then produce Holywood TV where she interviewed influencers. She started the Holywood podcast as well, which you can hear on Soundcloud. Some guests include: Kristen Dalton Wolfe (Miss USA 2009), Actress/Model Nicole Weider, (Bodybuilding founder Eric Weider’s Wife, and founder of Project Inspired), and more.

“Buildiing Holywood: In Media, Music and Technology” is the podcast: 


Given recently birthed the Holywood TV show as well, where she interviews christian leaders, influencers and celebrities who share their stories and testimonies and how they are building up GOD’s Kingdom in media.

Click here for 🌟 Holywood TV  the latest episode:


The latest and most recent show she has is called, “TRUTH NEWS,” which you can watch on Rumble. Her passion is to reach the generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ, through media and to impact the culture in a positive way. Keep in touch with us via email and our socials below. We would love to partner with you and pray with you!

Contact Christi via Social Media:





Back in 2008-2009, God spoke a word to me that He was raising up a remnant of leaders and people to change Hollywood and to impact it for His glory. This name I felt the Lord was saying was, “Holywood.” I thought, hmm is this my idea or God’s? I was trying to fall asleep early as I had to be up the next day to go to Sacramento to shoot a music video the next day.

The Lord gave me an entire album idea in one night, and even gave me a song, “Holywood.” I have recorded and have the copyright, but have not yet released it. It is an idea that I have seen being birthed in our culture and is what I have witnessed being apart of “JUCE TV NETWORK” a branch of Trinity Broadcasting Network. (www.itbn.org)

This idea of “Holy-Wood” is not a geographical location, but rather, a supernatural revelation of what God is doing in the media, in our entertainment and films and so forth. I am SO passionate about this coming to fruition. (Fruition-is another term the Lord have me pertaining to this idea in about 2011 I heard “this is the year of FRUITION”…that this idea God had would come to pass.) That yes I would see the “fruit” of my dreams, passions, and would see the words that God gave me pertaining to Hollywood would come fruition as well.

fru·i·tion: fro͞oˈiSHən/noun: fruition; plural noun: fruitions

the point at which a plan or project is realized.

the state or action of producing fruit.

The other part of the HOLY-WOOD idea God gave me was regarding this army that God was raising up people  to change the culture in a POSITIVE way. Of course there is a war going on spiritually (Ephesians 6) but we know we have the victory ultimately. (Romans 8) We know that Satan (Lucifer) is the Prince of the World (John 14:30) and that the music industry and “celebrities” are some of the most influential people in the world. Not too far off from what the Bible says about Satan being a former worship leader, a fallen angel cast out because of pride. Many celebrities want to be worshipped and I truly believe celebrities are modern day “idols.” Technology is up there with the idols, addictions, the constant distractions, and so forth but we can change the way our society is going.

Regardless of the cultural battle, we as believers in Christ, can make a POSITIVE impact to make a better world, and to of course fulfill the great commission of sharing the gospel. (John 3 Bible). Technology is useful in pursuing this Kingdom mission, and in communicating with loved ones and sharing love and memories as well. I believe the generation we are living in WILL make a positive impact.

God has shown me the people He is using and some of who God is partnering with to fulfill this great, mighty, and humbling call. I am honored to be apart of the last day warriors. (Joel 3 Bible) . No, we are not going to be like the world, but rather, we are using the platform of media to reach people.

I believe there is a wave forming of believers and warriors of Christ forming like a tidal wave about to splash over the entertainment industry and we see the wave forming, it is already happening. With films such as, “The Son of God,” “Gods Not Dead,” “Heaven is For Real,” and others it is undeniable God is moving in the Hollywood industry. Keep praying for revival, healing, restoration and for spiritual understanding of what God wants us to do in these times.

Thank you for reading my blog and for supporting me with my ministry and worship music! God bless you!

“The Other Side (Amazing Grace)” on iTunes now! (Released June 1, 2015)


“The Other Side (Amazing Grace),” Official music video on iTunes now!

 Watch Christi’s interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Youth Music Channel “JUCE TV” right here about the launch of her first music video:



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