Holywood TV Interviews “Hollywood 4 Freedom” at the Gold Coast Country Music Festival 

By: Tiffany Salerno Tuesday July 5, 2022 11:30pm PT

Tiffany Salerno of Holywood TV interviews Tatum Shank, co-founder of Hollywood 4 Freedom, at Gold Coast Country Music Festival in Camarillo, California, on Memorial Day 2022. Hollywood for Freedom is a collective of film and industry professionals who refuse to comply with “woke” propaganda, unconstitutional mandates and tyrannical policies and instead collaborate and support one another in creating quality, uplifting content. For more information, visit www.Hollywood4Freedom.com

Follow them on IG & Social Media: @Hollywood4Freedom

Tatum Shank Founder of H4F with Holywood TV Guest Host: Tiffany Salerno

Readers and viewers, do you think that there is revival in the media and a HOLY-WOOD movement taking place? Comment below!! God bless you!

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