Building Holywood: New Episode 15 CA WILL BE SAVED with Guest Ross Johnstonn

By: Holywood Network Thursday, March 10, 2022 5PM, PT

Recently, founder of the Holywood Network interviewed the leader of “CA WILL BE SAVED,” a movement and gathering in California that was birthed in Orange Country, and has spread from Hollywood, Los Angeles, to even San Francisco. The founder started the movement with local churches and leaders, including a worship leader from Pasadena’s Ekballo ministry named Joel. The meetings were inspired by people like Sean Feucht, (Bethel singer and worship leader/revivalist) and people like Lou Engle, who is a revivalist in CA, at House of Prayer Pasadena.

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Watch the Full Zoom Interview with Founder Christi Given of the Holywood Network and CA WILL BE SAVED Leader Ross Johnstonn Below:


Listen to the Mp3 on SPOTIFY:
Image Credit: CA WILL BE SAVED
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Founder Ross Johnstonn on OAN NEWS

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