Holywood Network Interviews Spoken Word Artist Ruzanna at HPN White Tie Christmas Fundraiser!

Holywood Network’s Salerno Interviews Ruzanna Spoken Word Artist At the HPN White Tie Event 

By: Tiffany Roney Salerno 

It was an honor to interview Ruzanna Tovmasyan, who I have looked up to for years, at the Hollywood Prayer Network’s White Tie Christmas Fundraiser Concert on Dec. 19 at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

In addition to her spoken word artistry, which she shared with the crowd at the event, Ruzanna writes deep captions — really, more like miniature articles and reflective journal entries — on her Instagram posts, and she has made bank through her e-course company, Ruminate Creations, which built six figures in three weeks and has enrolled 17,000 students, all desiring to make their own e-courses.


But her appearance at the HPN event was not about her social media captions or her wealth creation abilities — it was about her debut single, “KING,” which is really about Jesus. 

Ruzanna performed the powerful spoken word piece live, and you can hear the fully produced version in this lyric video. “KING,” featuring Grammy Award-winning music producer and composer Alexander Hitchens, is available on all platforms.

• Ruzanna’s Instagram: instagram.com/iamruz

• Ruzanna’s Facebook page: https://ru-ru.facebook.com/iamruzanna

• Hollywood Prayer Network: https://hollywoodprayernetwork.org

• Lyric video for Ruzanna’s debut single, “KING:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KOvOaMqDLo

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