Lauren Daigle’s YOU SAY on Secular Radio

Recently, I was listening to secular radio 104.3 FM (MY FM), and I heard worship leader and CCM artist Lauren Daigle singing, “You Say.” This warmed my heart so much that’s God’s truth is being poured out over the airwaves. This is the move of HOLY-WOOD. It’s the subtle tidle wave of the Holy Spirit being poured out and splashing over the radio, TV, in films and in other spheres of influence.

Heres the link to “YOU SAY” with the lyrics:


I love Daigle’s voice as it sounds like a Kari Jobe mix with an Adele vibe. She’s such an amazing artist, singer and worshipper. God opened some big doors for Lauren Daigle with “Jimmy Kimmel,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and more!

I truley believe there’s a move in Hollywood and that God is changing the airwaves to make it Holy-Wood! Comment below if you agree! Keep praying for our leaders, and for more of God’s army to arise in this hour! Amen!

Lauren Daigle on Radio @holywoodnetwork

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