Walt Disney Studios- Invitation & Prayer


Recently,  I had the privilege of going to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. I had been driving past it a few times because I record songs for TV near the area and noticed the Mickey Mouse ears on the tall black surrounding gates. Last year, my friend David applied for an editing position at Disney, and was hired and I felt led to reach out to him. Meanwhile, my peer Aaron at TBN (The Trinity Broadcasting Network), felt the Lord say last week, “go to Disney Studios,” and he just happened to tell me about it.

I set up a lunch meeting for us three to do a tour and to eat in the Walt Disney studios cafe on site, Friday March 3. Another coincidence about Disney Studios (which, I have never been to, and quite frankly it wasn’t on my list of places to necessarily go), but at the House of Prayer last week someone mentioned we need to pray for Hollywood (aka Holy-wood), and the revival that would soon take place and we need to pray for “DISNEY STUDIOS.” Sheesh, how many confirmations could I get to go?Yesterday was so powerful and a very neat experience. David greeted us at the Zorro entry and we all walked around the studio lot where many television shows are filmed. The gift shop had the “Beauty and the Beast” theme, (soon to be released March 2017), which is one of my all time favorite movies since I was a little girl.We headed over to lunch after a walk through of the lots, and we saw an old fashioned office type of building which I felt in my spirit was historical. David said, yes that it was an original office that Disney used and they transported it to Buena Vista Street in Burbank because it was such a significant and original Disney Studio.

After lunch, we walked over to a garden area with statues of Walt and Mickey, and a wall of people’s hands imprinted with a legacy plaque all over the campus. Many legendary people like Julia Andrews were there, as well as other iconic influencers. In the midst of taking photos and wrapping up our meeting, Aaron walks over to a man in a wheel chair and also, a lady who had brought him in as a guest. I knew when Aaron was talking with him he would want to pray for healing over him.

David had to get back to his editing bay and a meeting and we said our goodbyes and I walked over to meet the man in the wheelchair named Baroque from Bosnia. He smiled and seemed super friendly and we witnessed to him and the lady and prayed for him. We prayed for healing in Baroque’s legs as he was shot at in the war and was paralyzed from the waist down. What a wonderful day to share the Gospel and the good news of Jesus!

Holywood is here and many Christian groups such as the Hollywood Prayer Network and other ministries are doing studio prayer walks. So awesome! Love how God opens doors and shows us He is guiding us to be apart of His big plan! Keep praying for Holywood!


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